MGM Colombo

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best hospitality in town

The history of MGM Grand Colombo goes back to 1996 in the pearl of the Indian Ocean where hospitality is a part of our day to day life,

The professional management teams at the MGM Grand Colombo are all proven dynamic expertise in the Casino Industry with experience overseas and in Sri Lanka, our formula for success is grounded in result oriented in terms of Hospitality.

Table Games

Commencement of play shall begin when the Dealer announces "Place your bets, please". The winning number is determined when the ball has come to a rest in any compartment of the wheel and a dolly is placed on the number on the layout.

In this game, King, Queen, Jack and Ten are valued as zero. An Ace is valued as one and all other cards have their numerical face values. The hand (Player or Banker) with the highest point count is the winner.

Asia Poker is based on five cards, and is a version of studpoker. The game is played with single deck of 52 cards. The game is made more challenging and exciting because players have the additional chance to win progressive jackpot payout.

Mini Flush
Mini Flush as the name suggests is similar to flush in many respects. It is also a three-card game, rather simple and easy to play. But unlike flush, the game is played against the dealer and not against another player. Similarly,

Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker is a Community Card Poker game, where you play your hand against the House.The aim of the game is for your Poker hand to beat the dealer's hand. There is also an optional bet called the "Bonus Wager", players compare their two hole cards to a payout table.

Wine & Dine


The amazing setting of the dining hall is breath taking and ambiance puts you in the mood for a fine dining experience, the tantalizing specialties offered around the clock will tingle your taste buds, our internationally famous chefs will cater to your needs preparing authentic cuisine to the utmost hygienic conditions using only the recommended ingredients.


Your lips seeking sip of any kind of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages such as genuine bouquet full wine and champagne come to your table with wet printed labels from overseas sole brewery. Sooner than you expected. Subsequently, you will be served by our courteous bar staffer to quench your mischievous thirst. In a jiffy, as well, there are readily available things such as appetizer and special French wine on the touch system demand.


Keeping at spell bound you will be enthralled at large, with melodious vocal and musical extravaganza. With latest repertoire every now and then. Specially during the daily. Lunch break bevy of calypso players bring the traditional accompaniment to your rhythm of your heart beat. And also, our delightful special night will be held once a month as usual. Somehow or other. Once pay your visit to our MGM Colombo and see its grandeur